My suitcase has grown roots over decades
become part of the furniture
that lines up every month in a practice drill.
My house balances on wheels I added when I came here
I keep the tires pumped
its rooms form a caravan of packing cases.

I dream of an ark big enough for my daily round
floating above bedrock.

My horse is in the paddock – I ride out often to keep trim
saddle bags packed with valuables that may become necessities
notepads – gold coins – a box of books – an upright piano – my mother’s oil paints –
mementoes in velvet pouches – a mandala in colored sand – soulmates
and a ladder to climb a tree with roots as deep and wide as its branches
where I’ll build my next house.

Mori Glaser spent her earliest years in Singapore, grew up in the UK, moved to Israel 35 years ago. Her poetry and flash have appeared in journals and anthologies, including The Alexandria Review, The Ekphrastic Review, Vine Leaves Literary Journal: a collection of vignettes from across the globe, the Between the Lines anthology of Fairy Tales and Folklore Reimagined and Akashic Books’ web series Thursdaze. She won 3rd prize in The Molotov Cocktail’s 2017 Shadow Award.

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