& So the Poetry of Arrival Is Being Rewritten

The poem that occurs today
should occur against history
—Tan Lin

            & on this,
The most familiar

Of streets, a row of lit-up
Windows is a grave I must visit

His or her face falling away
In peels like petals from a sick flower

& I’m the only other pilgrim present
& clouds keep emptying themselves

Like softly exploding heads
Forcing marvels of the living upon

The eyes of the dead
                        The point being—

Language is a tax on an ordinary man—
Sunglasses we find in a Jeep

            & so Tommy Zombie
Bakes his gooey head cheese in the sun—

The broken eyes of the sun!—
Unable to distinguish the sullen grave

Of his left shoe from the sullen
Grave of his right shoe

                        & I’m thinking,
Let’s burn all the Jeeps!

& make a new kind of poetry
From the ashes!

Raymond Farr’s poetry books are available at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/blueandyellowdogpress. His work appears in Eunoia Review, Otoliths, Calibanonline, Posit, Forklift, Ohio, Word For/Word, & elsewhere. Raymond is editor of Blue & Yellow Dog & The Helios Mss.

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