A Fiction Concerning the Fate of Some Grey Birds

      A small
boy writes

his first name
in the snow

& gets lost
in the dusk

in the details
the only game

being the

man game—
shades of

his one true
identity standing

off by himself
his small lyrical

throat thrown
like a voice

bursting with
everything he

can’t seem to
put into words—

the boy’s eyes
startle—the big

questions un-
ask themselves

he watches
a man shaving

the nightmare
of another

man’s face in
the vague

silence of an
evening & then

realizes that
he’s dreaming—

grey birds in
a black mirror

Raymond Farr’s poetry books are available at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/blueandyellowdogpress. His work appears in Eunoia Review, Otoliths, Calibanonline, Posit, Forklift, Ohio, Word For/Word, & elsewhere. Raymond is editor of Blue & Yellow Dog & The Helios Mss.

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