The Artist like a Gleam

For Cy Twombly

      It’s the
Atrocity of

Finding out
      It’s these

Notions of
Other versions


Lines in &
Of pictorial

Greeting us

Fending us off
This glass

Standing for
Glass only

      It’s this

Notched into
The edged

Muscle of
The artist

Like a gleam
This fat paint

This big rain—
Just fields

Of scrape
& empty

      & the eye—

Of wildly


Plastered to
The surface—

The angst
& vroom—

The ______
Of Cy


Raymond Farr’s poetry books are available at His work appears in Eunoia Review, Otoliths, Calibanonline, Posit, Forklift, Ohio, Word For/Word, & elsewhere. Raymond is editor of Blue & Yellow Dog & The Helios Mss.

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