because the word is a tragic cuckoo missing both eyes.
because they say I’m plating peace as an afterthought,
I must have been smacked out of place. so, the soup,
primordial, must be kept pure, distil, any single drop
of ink diluting and colouring. since simply the act
of writing about it at all is its own example: the
exception proving the rule. because it is a just
cause. just cause you don’t assert your pride
you want others to fuck your wife? the man
rustles, squirms under his vision of knife.
open up. here comes reality’s spoon,
sterling silver, served piping hot.

Valen Lim is a member of Singapore-based writing collective /Stop@BadEndRhymes (/S@BER). His poems have been published in various SingPoWriMo anthologies, as well as Quarterly Literary Review Singapore. He can be found online at

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