The Dentist’s Maxim

“No plaque!” Sarah Rosetti, DDS, exclaimed day in and day out. She did all her practice’s scaling and polishing herself.

“No plaque!” her second- and third-generation patients shouted back (her first-generation patients were more reserved, though still appreciative). Everyone loved Sarah’s hands-on approach, and her trademarked phrase was notorious.

Sarah declared her patients plaque-free until her hair turned white and arthritis forced her drills and dams to someone else. On her last day Sarah’s patients threw a party, and at the height of celebration they presented her with a trophy. “For your personal dedication,” it read.

Sarah took the trophy with arms held wide and a look of puzzlement. “A trophy?” she asked. “Most people get a pla—”

“Keep reading!” her patients cheered.

Below, in smaller brass letters, were the words Sarah had repeated throughout her career with glee. A smile went across her face, stretching from molar to molar.

“Let’s hear it one more time!” someone called out. And as they ate balsamic-glazed cake and drank sugar-free lemonade, the crowd yelled two words over and over again until their pharynges were hoarse.

Jeff H. is a high school English teacher. He runs with his wife, a dietitian. They write about cooking, writing, and everything else.

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