Relearning All My Lines

Sober in the pub again, relearning all my lines.
Invented woman, shouted secret – I have to apologise.
Noble dogs, nice house, tall boy, dirty ice –

Sober at the bar again, rehearsing all my lines.
Slow heart, fast poet. I have to apologise.
Asymmetrical sunset warm in the glass –

Sober in the bath again, writing down my lines.
Sometimes the light goes out behind my eyes.
Caught scabs, good practice, I have to apologise.

Sober alone again, walking down my lines
off-season Atlas, shrugging off, I can’t stop
until everyone is in love with me, I have to apologise.

Christopher John Eggett is a writer and runner from Cambridgeshire trying to live close to water. He will send you poetry and literature on a Friday, through his newsletter, Etch To Their Own ( which you can sign up to here (

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