You Are Good For Poetry

You are good for poetry uncrooking
passages between my heart
and fingertips, my crumbling
tunnels refreshed
and tiled – bouncing red bloody light.

It’s a torrent again now, and
before it rises I say: “you can
have anything” – scoop out
everything heals in the end
there is more poetry than is polite or appropriate

And when we started I remember us
skittering down cracked tunnel steps
to a little sun under earth
and this will be what goes out first

one of these days I will be so light
you’ll float me home a happy
handsome older brother, lazy
horizontal hope I remember us

skittering down tiled tunnels to
a little sun under earth
and the flood rises red fins

and there is nowhere I can put you
safe on a mantelpiece – lifted anatomical,
up from waves, from cresting warm hands

Christopher John Eggett is a writer and runner from Cambridgeshire trying to live close to water. He will send you poetry and literature on a Friday, through his newsletter, Etch To Their Own ( which you can sign up to here (

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