I Want

after Kim Addonizio

I want an unkempt home.
I want it big and busy.
I want a door that’s never locked.
I want a welcome mat
worn down to threads.
I want to follow footprints
through my kitchen,
and find fingerprints
on my windowpanes.
I want friends to stay late into the night,
their voices adorn my rafters,
their faces decorate my dining room.
I want coats piled on the bed,
bodies piled on couches,
steaming mugs clustered
on the coffee table.
I want to abide in a place
where everyone has access
to all that I have.

Julia Bonadies holds a B.A. in English from Eastern Connecticut State University. She is currently for her Masters in Secondary Education at ECSU. Her work is published in the Albion Review and The Leaflet. She lives in Connecticut with her cat, Allister.

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4 Responses to I Want

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  2. swangomaine says:

    I grew up on an island under the wonderful “love umbrella” of my grandparents, caretakers of the tiny Maine island in the Kennebec River. I wanted so badly to have the lifestyle you wrote about and have chased that fantasy all my adult life while moving around the USA. Please check out my website to learn more about the person I became after that minimalist beginning! Regards-T swanislandmaine.com

  3. Julie Anne says:


  4. Daryl Bonadies says:

    Go for it,honey,the world is all yours!! ❤️And hugs. Gramma Daryl

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