Travelling Companions

After Augustus Egg

Travelling brunettes:
billowing dresses,

red-feathered hats
perched primly on laps,

buttoned-up in the drab
carriage, the reek of hot

cloth and teak. One dozes,
one reads, unaware that

outside a mesh of lake, forest,
mountain ridge rushes by.

They are mirror images.
A spot-the-difference puzzle.

Hands bared, tousled hair,
the daring one carries fruit

in a basket, the other in kid
gloves prefers flowers.

Companions? One woman?
Framed forever in first class

they do not move. All that stirs
is the sway of a golden tassel.

Jane Salmons is a teacher living and working in Stourbridge in the UK. Currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing, she has had poems published in various online magazines and journals, including The Ekphrastic Review, Ink Sweat & Tears, Algebra of Owls and The Lake. In addition to writing poetry, she enjoys creating handmade photo-montage collage and handbound books. On occasion she has been known to sell her work at vintage and craft fairs.

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