And once, for no special reason,
I researched the price of land in Newfoundland
and found it was being given away.

Five-acre lots of snowbound island
for anyone who wanted to take them.
I imagined handing you the deed
on your birthday,
selling the second car and buying
warm clothes and a sled.
And another dog.

How many five acre-plots
could fit inside Newfoundland
if it were all cut up like a puzzle, I wonder?
I imagined the shape of our puzzle piece,
preferably a corner piece, with the sea on two sides.
And I wondered why more people don’t run away.

Shannon Lise is an American writer and student of philosophy and psychology. Originally from Texas, she spent twelve years in Turkey and currently lives in Québec. Her poetry and fiction is infused with the layered historico-religious consciousness of the Black Sea region and informed by Middle Eastern mythology and mysticism. She also writes epic fantasy realism and is the author of the novel Keeper of Nimrah (Ethandune Publishing, 2014).

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