a fistful of flowers

that afternoon i saw the boy
by the lake clutching sprigs
of lavender in his fist.
look i said, raising
my camera to point.
i don’t remember
what you replied.
more importantly
i don’t remember how
you said it, if it came
with an eye roll or a grin
that sliced through the dull
smog of the day.

once i would have cried
for forgetting. the shine
of another memory, gone.
but i remember the boy.
the way he bit his lip.
i wonder how long
he stood there,
flowers curling in the heat.
most days i will not
let myself be so still.
but some nights
lying in darkness
as blinding as midday,
i catch a whiff of lavender.

Natalie Wang writes about cats, ghosts, and womanhood, and maintains that they are all the same thing. She has had her writing published in a number of journals including LONTAR, The Kindling, Rambutan Literary, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, and anthologies like SingPoWriMo and My Lot is a Sky (Math Paper Press). She has just released her debut collection of poetry, The Woman Who Turned into a Vending Machine (Math Paper Press), and is currently working on another collection of poems for monstrous women. You can find her writing on https://natwangthecat.wordpress.com.

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