Sorting out

I see the loft as an elevated burial ground.
There is as much of her up there,
as we placed in the earth –
if not more.

Photos, clothes, books, notebooks, diaries.
Lots and lots of diaries.

I wonder why she wasn’t more careful
with the words
she left strewn about in her wake.

We bundled it all together and sent it up,
out of the way,
pretending that climbing stairs reunited
her with the secrets
she must have forgotten to hide,
and I try not to think:

‘Maybe they’d be closer to her
in the basement.’

Beth O’Brien is a third-year English Literature student at the University of Birmingham. She has published poems with Foxglove Journal and Nine Muses Poetry, and is a reviewer for Mad Hatters’ Review and Riggwelter. She has also written articles for and the Graduate Recruitment Bureau blog.

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