When You’re A Boy

holidays aren’t made
for staying home.
Legs ache to run,
make footballs fly
into open goals—
even when it snows.
Fingers roll marbles
like big cats’ eyes,
and feet and bikes
never stop growing.
Brothers are too big
or too small
and sisters
are a mystery.
Mums don’t care
to talk about cars,
dads don’t drive
fast enough
and grandparents
only see
your good side.
It’s not until
you’re older,
girls appear
from another world.

Paul Waring is a retired clinical psychologist who once designed menswear and was a singer/songwriter in Liverpool bands. He is a 2018 Pushcart Prize nominee whose poems have previously appeared in Eunoia Review and in Prole, The High Window, Atrium, Algebra of Owls, Clear Poetry, The Ofi Press Magazine, Amaryllis, The Lampeter Review and many others. His website: https://waringwords.wordpress.com.

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