to somebody’s son

after The Book of Margery Kempe (1934)

when work is over, come compare your thing
to mine. what it means to seem longer sees
one lion back up, let you hunt, let you
break things on my kitchen counter, your please
is fake. my pleads are more commands, see knock
see slap, see suck then slurp it all until
it smokes, you smack your dead food, it sizzles
until the time is up. you keep it hilled
like burnt black sheep and farm, and my low stock
might sting, but now, i am the still sheep who,
with my burnt brass shepherd, stays put, and shrieks
then feels, then fills. i see him, and his child
buried. he is: served, helped, hung, sacrificed
and now he is not here, he has risen

Prince Bush is a student at Fisk University, majoring in English. They have work forthcoming or in SOFTBLOW, Rhythm & Bones, Arctic Tusk, and Fisk Political Journal.

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