gain detail
like tombstones in reverse. my fingers
a matchbook story
of scars
and knobbles;
broken wineglasses
and slammed shut
my forehead
over one eye
like a pirate.
my knees
and down along
my ribcage.
permanent. time
chipping away.
adding detail
like a sculptor
to slabbed marble.

get smoother –
lose edge
instead of gaining
rub down
like chalk in rainwater
or words on a beach
written at low tide.

only by the knowledge
that someone
enough to quarry
and spend a day
the rock.

DS Maolalai is a poet from Ireland who has been writing and publishing poetry for almost 10 years. His first collection, Love is Breaking Plates in the Garden, was published in 2016 by Encircle Publications, and he has a second collection forthcoming from Turas Press in 2019. He has been nominated for Best of the Web and twice for the Pushcart Prize.

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