Eidolon High

A school is being built
in Chicago on top
of nearly 40,000
unmarked graves.

The workers must
step around the
bones of people
who couldn’t afford
a funeral. The school

will be built, there’s
no stopping progress.
The children will sit
and fret over what lies
still and silent beneath

their toes. Or it will turn
into a game? Bloody
Mary shouted
like an anthem and
light as a feather stiff as a board
required curriculum.

I am probably just being
superstitious, when I
should be practical.
After all, ghosts
can’t carry guns.

There’s a joke here
about incorporeal
punishment, but
I said it out loud,
it wasn’t funny.

Evan James Sheldon’s work has appeared in CHEAP POP, Ghost City Review, Pithead Chapel, and Roanoke Review, among others. He is an assistant editor for F(r)iction and an Outreach Assistant for Brink Literacy Project.

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