The Tequila Sunrise In Popular Culture

Its celebration in the early 70s can be traced
to both the Eagles and Stones, each capturing
the imagination as lightning in a booze bottle.

That photo of Keith Richard, amid Coors, Jack Daniel’s
and Coca-Cola, a trio of refreshment choices
whether onstage or among kitchen clutter.

Recent reports show the percentage
of nude sleeping millennials exceeds the norm.
Theories abound to account for this trend.

If the Royal Family starts sleeping sans,
what will become of all those servants
employed to drop them into their pajamas?

Marilyn Monroe claimed wearing a bra to bed was
an aid to her figure, although fate stepped in
to curtail this experiment.

Tequila shots, simple and easy, seem so to
the point. A piquant dipping sauce
tempering the gristle of our daily lives.

Phil Huffy practiced law long enough to call it a career. Trained to think on his feet, he now sits down and writes at the kitchen table. Recent and pending placements include Peacock Journal, formercactus, Mad Swirl and Sarasvati (UK).

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