Afternoon Light

In my third dream about you last night,
you were lying on the corner of the bed
in a patch of late morning sun.
You wore a crown of dust from the window-light,
and I wanted to cry because I have never seen
a more beautiful living thing.
If my dream had taken a terrible turn—
something along the lines of you plunging
your hand into my chest and emerging
with my plum-coloured heart—
I would wait for the next dream, the fourth dream—
one where you would lead me by the hand
through the tall Indian grass, and kiss my collarbones
while I weave you a new crown of afternoon light.

Sara Verdi is a Midwestern-raised American writer living in the capital city of England. She is constantly impressed and intimidated by the accepted walking speed in London. Sara has just completed an MA in Creative Writing and Education from Goldsmiths, and is working on publishing her first poetry pamphlet in 2019.

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