I don’t dream (of American royalty)

King or Queen,
I don’t dream of American
royalty. I see a man and a woman
climbing the front steps of a slum
in blistering Chicago
and sheltering from the swelter
of a rock and a bomb

Cicero and Birmingham.

Queen and King,
I recall an enlightened
declaration that wasn’t worth
much if you count paper as
weight or gold over ash in
the mouth of Moses

I just hear
I Am A Man
in Memphis
and the memory of four
young girls in the twisting
bell of Coltrane’s sermon
to King’s after the girls were
laid to rest

And then Mrs. King,
say the given names:
Coretta Scott
having to raise her own klan
when the King was slain.

Jeremy Nathan Marks is a London, Ontario-based American. Recent poetry appears/is appearing in Poets Reading The News, Unlikely Stories, The Wire’s Dream, Writers Resist, Cajun Mutt Press, Bravearts Magazine, Poetry Pacific, NRM Magazine, Alien Pub, and Runcible Spoon. His short story, “Detroit 2099,” will appear in the Stories of the Nature of Cities 2099 anthology in 2019.

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