Days Without You in the Hottest Summer

i eat ice cream when i miss you

because of you
i know which of all the cheap grocery brands
of cookie dough ice cream
tastes the best

i like my body when i miss you

missing is almost as good as being together
it means remembering my body with your body

missing might be better than being together
without touching

when i miss you i keep my phone so close to me
like you live in it

the best metric for cookie dough ice cream
is the ratio of cookie dough to ice cream

sometimes i open a carton
to find it’s barely better than vanilla

sometimes i open words from you
and they’re chock-full of missing me too

the second best metric for missing you
is how many times i go to the grocery store

how fast i race home
to keep it all from melting.

Olivia Stowell is an undergraduate student at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA, pursuing a dual degree in English Literature and Theatre Arts. Her work has appeared in Glass Mountain and in Westmont College’s literary magazine The Phoenix.

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