Scouring Google Earth,
for a village long ago
swallowed by the city,
I find a gray and lifeless
compound menacingly silent
to the camera.
            How what appears to be
an industrial slum can be
as impenetrable as time.
How we forget there is
a horizon behind us, where
real dreams fall off, grown
stale as the generations pass,
and we just keep stepping.

Daryl Muranaka lives with his family in New England. In his spare time, he enjoys aikido and taijiquan, and exploring his children’s dual heritages. He has written one book of poems, Hanami, and two chapbooks, The Minstrel of Belmont and Leading the Beast Home.

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2 Responses to Rising

  1. Almond Syiem says:

    Love this poetic view using google earth and the reflection thereafter

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