The Library Boys

They sat in the public libraries
warming their thin fingers
over the thin pages of modern novels
with their thought ruminating
somewhere else
maybe along the highways
or in the meadows where
green otters sit and sing
their eyes were rubies
over the page of modern novels
and their thin bodies
felt lonely in the
winter moisture and mist
thick grey mist of the
capital cities with no
good weather forecasted for weeks
I can grasp their decades
lived like this with nobody
to share a coffee
and their thin bodies shiver
in graves when I think
about them now

Nazarii A. Nazarov, born in 1990, holding a PhD in linguistics, currently lives in Kyiv, Ukraine, where he teaches Ukrainian and Russian to the foreigners, translates poetry and prose from a variety of languages (Modern and Ancient Greek, Latin, English, Lithuanian, Persian) into Ukrainian, and writes his own poetry and prose in English. His poems were anthologized by representative national anthologies in Ukraine (both in Ukrainian and in French translation). Previously published collections (all of them in Ukrainian) include poetry: Escape from Babylon (2006), Torch Bearer (Lampadophoros) (2009); and translations: Gardens of Adonis: Minor Anthology of World Poetry (2015), Cavafy: Poems (2016).

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