we are water

You can’t trust water: even a straight stick turns crooked in it.—W. C. Fields

even Jesus did
he turned her

if water could
our dead
—silent water.

& the shape of
halved by the

this thing that
same thing that

boa between
water drills
—silent water

water rushing
you like a madman,
your screams, water
these memories:
face down on the
water; our mothers
sisters with one
while the other
a father opens his
43:2—when you
the waters,
   i will be with
and when you pass
   they will not

—a dying thing
a herculean task
water is a language
my people are lost

but we are all water
water is built on
like water,
your way
in fragmented voices

not trust water:
into wine at Cana.

talk she would call
by their names

water is a circle
diameter of grief.

anoints our crops is the
feeds us for the mortuary,
is life
—bends like a
birth & death,
knows our dead.

monstrously at
water swallowing
undressing your hopes—
our brothers sprawling
earth, blanketed by
clutching our little
turns into a ritual of gills;
mouth to recite Isaiah
pass through

through the rivers,
sweep over you…

knows praying is
in drowning.

in translation.

& everything
you will find
silent chrysanthemums.

—for victims of Cyclone Idai in Mozambique, Zimbabwe & Malawi.

Othuke Umukoro is a poet & playwright. His demons have appeared in Brittle Paper, AfricanWriter.com, Ink In Thirds, Poetry Potion & elsewhere. His debut stage play Mortuary Encounters is forthcoming from Swift Publishers.

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1 Response to we are water

  1. Ottah Osondu says:

    Water be not proud
    You may seem invincible
    But your blessing is still your curse.

    Nice one Mr. Othuke.

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