a poem you read from right to left

country a in flowers for ]
[ knife a is love in falling where

night last news the on
tyre pleading a whorled mob a
boy black a of neck the round
as watched i
eyes filigreed his
like fright with off took
dreams tired of sheet a
baptized they before
fire with him
of guilty was he said they
like boys other rapturing
with heaven into himself
torso firm & lips supple his
eyes my closed i
his over all fingers my traced &
screen the on shadow burning
death because
water like
everywhere us meets
him like because
of scent the carry too i
love for screaming boys
marks tribal like body my in
us like boys because
earth the walk
always foot a with
grave the inside
to how is this because
it what understand
deflowered be to means
country own your by

paste & copy may you
garden flower a is justice country my in ]
[ pain by pollinated are most

Othuke Umukoro is a poet & playwright. His demons have appeared in Brittle Paper, AfricanWriter.com, Ink In Thirds, Poetry Potion & elsewhere. His debut stage play Mortuary Encounters is forthcoming from Swift Publishers.

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2 Responses to a poem you read from right to left

  1. rivrvlogr says:

    The effort required to read this right-to-left brings the anguish into sharp focus.

  2. Ottah Osondu says:

    If only we could live from right to left, maybe our lives would have been better, and Humans more human. But alas we live in a country where Justice is like a garden flower most are polluted by pain because we write from left to right.

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