The dilemma of a poem

I could
write about him bespectacled
in his study; damascened with
un-editable memories; the world
quietly strapped on his back;
his fingers caressing the
black & white keys of the
old piano like a lover’s touch;
his voice soaring through the
star-streaked ceiling on the
wings of Happy Birthday until
God & Beethoven & Satan
kiss music with eyes & splinter
earth in celestial ovation—

I could write about how
home is a nightmare that
always starts with the
of his hands—

I could write about how
a boy is a background
music to something too loud,
too broken—

I could
(if you had asked me,
which you

Othuke Umukoro is a poet & playwright. His demons have appeared in Brittle Paper,, Ink In Thirds, Poetry Potion & elsewhere. His debut stage play Mortuary Encounters is forthcoming from Swift Publishers.

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1 Response to The dilemma of a poem

  1. Ottah Osondu says:

    Ask and it shall be given, you never asked how do you expect to receive?


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