daughter & her dishonest sacrifices

the sun spoiled mother deep / the way it worked: / sunday bleaching soy milk metallic / steam clumping in hunks out of throat into sourgrass / there is a way to cut dry / with chin high & hands low / she holds a scalpel close to the grass / prepares for the sacrifice of flight / the way it worked: / mother / an element laid bare for the wind to weather / mother / a chokehold pulling images apart / tasting the sinew slowly / i awaken to water / the pews tearing minutes from her neck / the more biblical her words / the whiter the water became / drenched / wretched / i was full of it / ghostly with gods / but it is difficult to die despite what they have told you / she positions me to flight / the clouds lift & beat my body in their light / tout freedom as a poison i should choose to swallow / freedom: / the face i lost in the whiteness / the confirmation that / yes / i was drowning / i float / meaning the Earth has spit me out / meaning i can die or return / i exploit invisibility / claim it as a limb / hold myself high as her wings.

Cindy Xin is a junior in Albany High School in California who enjoys writing poetry, listening to music, and staring at the sky. Her work is forthcoming in Earth Island Journal, Half Mystic, After the Pause, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, and elsewhere.

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