Turn the timepiece on its head. Watch
time the great enabler,
allowing the harvest of innocence.
A timely kiss, a timely prayer
offering a way in, demanding
a way out of one romantic timeline
(many lifetimes)
in favour of an older, timeless romance.

Turn the hourglass on its head. Watch
the woman and the girl
(you fell in love with)
running home late, not out of time
for future time is what she dreams –
time wise, but not time weary
synchronising the local time on her wrist
with the GMT on her phone.

Mark A. Murphy is the editor of the online journal, POETiCA REViEW. His poetry collections include Tin Cat Alley (1996), Our Little Bit of Immortality (2011), Night-Watch Man & Muse (2013), and his next full-length collection, To Nora, A Singer of Sad Songs is now available for presale from the publisher’s website: https://www.claresongbirdspub.com/shop/featured-authors/mark-a-murphy. His newest collection, Night Wanderer’s Plea, is pending from Waterloo Press this autumn in the UK.

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