Mum & Dad Visit Japan

They didn’t get the etiquette. Yet Mum had to admit that the Tokyo cleaning ladies rocked their pink suits and little white socks – they bowed as we boarded the Bullet Train.

And, in the Kyoto rain, Mum liked the slight white-gloved taxi man, who held a huge umbrella for her, as she stood by the Golden Pavilion.

At Hiroshima, Dad produced a brown banana from a Sainsbury’s bag carried from Heathrow. Mum told him off as he ate it at the Peace Park, beside the A-Bomb Dome.

On Miajima island, deer followed Dad and his orange carrier bag. He ate cabbage pancake, calling it windy food, while Mum requested a knife and fork, without intending to be rude.

Later, at the hotel’s evening buffet, Dad said his creamed corn soup was cold and rather bland. He’d ladled yellowish water from a bowl, where the utensils had been left to stand.

Alexandra Corrin-Tachibana began speech and drama lessons from age 5, which probably triggered her love of poetry. In 2018, she was shortlisted for the Fish Publishing Poetry Prize. She has appeared in print and online in Snakeskin, Eunoia Review, Typishly, Silver Needle Press, Streetlight Magazine and Mothers Always Write.

This March she performed a sequence of poems at the AWP Conference, in Portland, as part of the Voices from Tennessee event, as a contributor of Silver Needle Press.

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4 Responses to Mum & Dad Visit Japan

  1. alariepoet says:

    Delightful poem. If my dad had eaten that bland corn soup, I’d be telling the story forever.

    • Alexandra Corrin-Tachibana says:

      Thank you for your kind comment. Yes, it still makes me chuckle now even though the incident (s) were 19 years ago!

  2. Natalie Crick says:

    Another lovely piece, I enjoyed the humour in this one. x

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