For Red Pine

A village elder pointed to a cornfield
ripe corn covering Meng Chiao’s grave

Meng Chiao’s house lost its door
but his poems broke new ice

Meng Chiao’s coat sported holes
but his poems wear brocade

What is success, what is sorrow?
I hope some old man remembers me

Reid Mitchell is a New Orleanian teaching in China. More specifically, he is a Scholar in Jiangsu Province’s 100 Foreign Talents Program, and a Professor of English at Yancheng Teachers University. He is also Consulting Editor of Cha: An Asian Literary Journal. His poems have been published by Cha, Asia Literary Review, In Posse, and elsewhere. His first collection, Sell Your Bones, was published by Berlin’s PalmArtPress. Way back in the 20th century, he published the novel A Man Under Authority. He also had a separate career as an historian of the American Civil War.

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