Glass can be hazardous,
and can get in the way
of whatever it is
you have in mind.

So when you punch your hand through a window,
believing you were reaching out
to the latch on the other side,
which you could clearly see through
the glass in front of you, you
could effectively be committing suicide
by accident.

Those wrists
now properly bandaged
by a nurse; but
now you have to explain
convincingly to others
what really happened
to those wrists.
Not so easy.

Reaching through the window,
by way of a sharp kitchen knife, to
put an end to
whatever it was that was
bothering you, because
you forgot your keys, and
didn’t know how else
to get inside out.

Jakob Zaaiman is an artist and writer living and working in London, UK. He is interested in creating works which are strange and disturbing, and which hopefully defy easy explanation. He writes poems as well as prose fiction, and has also written extensively on modern art. Some of his writings have been published online and in little magazines.

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1 Response to Firebreak

  1. Nathan AM Smith says:

    What an ending!

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