Dangerous Words: A Drabble

Dr. Pradhan burst in. “Come quick—they’re hurling epitaphs!”

Dr. Smith jumped up, though as she ran after: “Epitaphs? You mean they’re hurling—”

“I know what I said,” Dr. Pradhan huffed.

“One’s a slur, while the other’s—”

“Capable of doing substantial damage!” And with that they reached the ER.

It was all bleeding patients and fragments of granite. A lettered headstone flew by, then Dr. Pradhan leapt a broken cenotaph. He began treating the injured. Dr. Smith assisted, but two days later was fired. Blame the long hours and violence? She’d had a meltdown.

And, unfortunately, was overheard hurling epithets.

Jeff H. is a high school English teacher. He runs https://batchandnarrative.com with his wife, a dietitian. They write about cooking, writing, and everything else.

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