what I did wrong

after Marie Howe

pulled the girl’s braid, then pulled
it again – smashed
the window, smashed
the frame after tipping
the cow off its stand
with my pinkie – let the child
hide too long then forgot
her, let the boy
run, let the man
free, let
go then held on
too long

and cried when the days
were past, screaming into
every last soggy bowl
of left out cereal & I barked back
at the stray squirrel hiding
where my dirty beans were
thrown out from the boiling
water after I dyed my roots
until I slammed the glass wall
to escape the bees but I drank
too much water & I forgot to pee
so I combusted all over
the stairwell I lost to my
virginity after bathing in the blood
of my ripped teeth which I laid
under the pillow but I still woke
to rabbit feet so I swore
it would be the last time
cradling the mallet to sleep, dreaming
I hypnotized the hypnotherapist
to let me leave as I swallowed the rumors
I was whiter than I seemed:

never laughing enough for them to masquerade with me,
I spent a life leaning on a wall that was unfinished,
always sorry for the ripping seams

Catalina Adragna is twenty-three years old and pursuing an MFA in poetry at Rutgers University, with an undergrad at Bennington College where she studied Poetry and Drama. She has previous publications in Silo Magazine. She is a Gemini and a pocha. Her Twitter: @catadragna.

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