Dream Scheme*

when I sleep I dream my father is dead.
I only know his last name. I only see him
with unbrushed hair and he has a suit
too big filled with De La Rosas he can’t
pronounce. there is glitter no one cleans. his face
is erased. I am nine. my dress is black
and sparkly at the bottom and my
favorite. I love to wear it. I twirl real fast
around him and he never speaks. I pretend
I am death and drink chocolate milk
like coffee and ask him questions
like do you think dogs understand
me and will my baby teeth choke
me and I start to get dizzy. I am nine
feet taller than I should be. my mother
never comes to get me. no one is here
but me so I run through the aisle jumping
on folding chairs and eating all the jelly
beans. there are no more parents. I have
the church all to myself. I use my Fuzzy
Wuzzy Brown crayon from my big
one hundred and twenty crayon pack
to draw on his face. I draw eyebrows and eyes
just like mine and a nose that’s bigger,
I think, and for the mouth I use Mauvelous
because that’s how I’m feeling. my mother
always said I make her Screaming Green.
I’m bad at drawing ears so I cut them off.
there is no adult to stop the bleeding.

*Title taken from the episode “Dream Scheme” from Season 2, episode 17A of The Powerpuff Girls.

Catalina Adragna is twenty-three years old and pursuing an MFA in poetry at Rutgers University, with an undergrad at Bennington College where she studied Poetry and Drama. She has previous publications in Silo Magazine. She is a Gemini and a pocha. Her Twitter: @catadragna.

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1 Response to Dream Scheme*

  1. dwight99 says:

    Catalina, I love this prose poem Dream scheme. Exuberant language. Your gramps Luis published my book Crossing w the light. http://Www.dwightokita.com

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