When’s The Last Time You Thought Of Me?

Something tells me, your answer’s
never been a second ago
or even the other night
more like the finger-snapping,
forehead-tapping attempt
to recall a pair of actors’ names
from the movie you just watched:
& no-no-don’t-tell-me,
a pair of faces—
both trailing
a faint whiff
of familiarity—
you welcomed
into your living room
once upon a time,
two shadows flitting
in the corners
of your mind,
though you just cannot,
for the life of you,
name one other fucking thing
you’d seen them in before.

Ed Doerr is a teacher and the author of the poetry chapbook Sautéing Spinach with My Aunt (Desert Willow Press, 2018). Additional work can be found in Water~Stone Review, Hippocampus Magazine, The American Journal of Poetry, Sky Island Journal, trampset, One Teen Story, and many more.

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