You notice edges after the worst of things
Like battered sides of a dresser –

The metal ringlets of your jeans clip
corners while on route to another room
The whack of ringed hand on it,
by accident or during an argument

Chips are endured after moving
other pieces of furniture around
the bedroom or moving the dresser
itself, it scrapes the doorframe

You’ll get around to sanding,
slapping on paint or just
slowly let it be

The cream white gives way
to a decade’s old coral pink,
spruce beneath
then oak

After the worst of things
you feel the edges dull,
layers pulled back
and the dresser will
allow you to pull out its drawers still

Sean Devlin is currently working in higher education with the desire to be a high school English teacher in the near future. He is a graduate of Northland College and shortly after earned an MA in creative writing from the University of Limerick. It depends on the day which he wants to write, fiction or poetry. His work has appeared in The Cardiff Review. He lives in Milwaukee and is from Pennsylvania.

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