How Sketchbooks Were Invented

Softness falls for blankness
Uncertainty meets emptiness
Of the blank white page
Longing for the marks and streaks
Of the yellow stick
Slashes across diagonally then vertically
Wet circles characterize the whiteness
The blackness softens and spreads but
Contains itself in the circle
Frenziness just like the threads of gray and white atop her head
Pouted lips
But vibrant when she smiles
Puffiness of the reddened apples on her face
Slow curves
Define the creases on her skin
She is here again
Now on to him.

Diana Qing is a student at Monta Vista High School passionate about exploring the intersectionality between writing, art, and cultural identity. Her writing focuses on capturing unconventional ideas and marginalized voices, specifically stories from voices who are unrepresented or forgotten in her community, in order to detail the human experience from less heard of perspectives. She believes in the power of words to help reclaim forgotten narratives and increase awareness of the voices of historically marginalized individuals or groups of people.

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