And the next

we look at each other
in her eyes as she caught mine
how long had it been
since we made the decision to take a good long look
had five years gone
nine since last
all that time between
passing one corner of the room to the next
all of us always in motion
moving things about with our hands
shifting and turning our waists and hands
in different directions towards
moving objects from one place on a counter to a bottom drawer
planning and revising what we are to do next
an hour from now, tomorrow, next weekend, and the next
I look at her now
and even aware of this poem writing itself while it’s happening
I could barely hold my eyes
even as her beautiful brown eyes shivered like that
hugging her longer than ever as I say goodbye
reaching our age of no longer that certainty

Jack C. Buck is a public school teacher, author of three books, and fiction editor for The Harpoon Review. He thanks you for reading his work.

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