The First Law

There is no way to move the body. Not nearly
            enough force to unfurl the soft pleats of this
pinafore dress, nor enough velocity to chase
            the sullen bay. A teacher once told me to look for
constants, inertia, paralysis. Forgive me that
            I pray instead for girlhood and immortality, dream
of the sweet lilt of birdsong on the rocky crags.
            I want the world to be unspent and unaged, for
Newton to prefer poetry over postulates. The
            teacher draws a free-body diagram, or perhaps it is
the beach where I colored the sails and the
            seagulls answered my call. I still remember all the
lyrics, I promise, but the wind twists the lullaby,
                                                knots it in my throat.

Vivien Song is a high school junior from Pleasanton, California. When she’s not cramming for calculus, you can find her bullet journaling in a coffee shop. She hopes you’ve had a great day so far.

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