Writing Advice: A Drabble

Susan asked Mark what he thought of her manuscript.

“I loved it,” Mark enthused. “Your writing is cerebral, yet thoroughly, marvelously winsome!”

“Orwell said not to use long words when short ones work,” Susan stated. “How’d I do?”

“Your writing is deep, yet so very fun!”

“And King advises minimizing adverbs.”

“Your writing is deep and fun.”

“Was I concise enough?”

“Writing good.”

“…and hopefully my grammar’s OK…”

As Susan continued talking Mark considered Rowling, who famously said she never outlines: “I like to leave some things to be decided while I write.”

Deciding he’d had enough, Mark snuck away.

Jeff H. is a high school English teacher. He runs https://batchandnarrative.com with his wife, a dietitian. They write about cooking, writing, and everything else.

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