Reasons to Uproot the Earth

I am certain that one day
You will ask me what I’d do for you
And in response I will
Dig into the dirt with my bare hands
To pull out your childhood
And present it to you as a shawl
To loop around your shoulders.
Here is the happiness of your own making
I’ve plucked out the thorns and the weeds
And woven the rest into your favorite colors.
Now, stand in the center of the world with me
I know that you love the night sky
Watch how I’ve pulled it down around us
As a blanket
So that you may never know cold again.
From now on
The stars will keep you warm
Along with your memories.
What’s that?
You never said you were cold?
Well I’m not putting it back.

Rebecca Gomezrueda is a writer and engineer from Pennsylvania. Her works of prose and poetry have appeared in The Drabblecast, Apocrypha and Abstractions, and Eternal Haunted Summer, among others. She also recently wrote her first stage play, and is currently working on her second.

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1 Response to Reasons to Uproot the Earth

  1. This was quite lovely, it leaves you with a sense of comfort.

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