no shirt no shoes

last night it was friday again / you told me to wear a low-cut shirt & those leather boots you love / but i couldn’t find the left shoe so i went out barefoot / we got to the club and the cab driver walked us inside / said miss you forgot your coat / & i said keep it i like being cold / someone kissed the pink right off my lips / but when i tried to reapply they fell into the bathroom sink / i lost you on the floor & found you in the walls / red with strobe / your arms around a cigarette man with scrawny hands / he offered you a smoke / i pulled a light out my shoe / no i pulled a light out my bra / you pulled my hand back into the dark / & the rest of me stayed / i left my tongue in the coat girl’s right pocket / next to my car keys / i went outside to hail a taxi with my feet / & you were in the driver’s seat / with my left shoe on your head / you said tomorrow let’s do this again

Katherine Martini is a first-year MFA candidate at Rutgers–Newark who is just trying to prove that there is a difference between a Master’s in Poetry and a degree in Broken Childhood Dreams.

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