Yesterday Hours from Today

yesterday was only 1 hour away from today

I can’t sleep—
bees buzz
over waxy hexagons in
the deep, honey-dripped
folds of my viscous mind.

yesterday was only 3 hours away from today

The hallway light burnt out—
tungsten filaments overwhelmed
for too long. But the stars
seem clearer now. Somehow.

yesterday was only 5 hours from today

Wake up,
I can’t think
with all this cigarette
smoke clouding my
dry eyes

yesterday was only 8 hours from today

keep doing it or else they’ll know

maybe they already do.

yesterday was only 12 hours from today

Halfway over,
halfway there
each second stretches
like saltwater taffy
in a child’s salivating mouth

yesterday was only 14 hours from today

you’re stupid.
you’re so so so stupid.
Sweat pricks my back
like copper sewing needles.

tomorrow is only 7 hours away from today

I can’t hear with
all of these shrill,
crows crying in my

tomorrow is only 5 hours away from today

breathe, or else
you’ll burst

just like a birthday balloon,

tomorrow is only 3 hours away from today

it will be better tomorrow,
I can tell. Better.

tomorrow is only 1 hour away

Ants are crawling up and
down my back,
iridescent bodies
over my
decaying body

tomorrow is only 0 hours away

it still feels like yesterday.

Kevin Gu, currently a sophomore at Hopkinton High School, is the editor-in-chief for the school newspaper. He was a participant in the 2019 GrubStreet Teen Fellowship and his work has been included in Marginal, as well as recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. When he’s not reading dystopian novels, he’s usually swimming in an overly chlorinated pool or playing piano tunes.

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1 Response to Yesterday Hours from Today

  1. Barry Yeoman says:

    Mr. Gu,
    When a poet reads a piece of work that makes them wish they had written it themselves, the compliment should be self-evident! A young person as talented as yourself should be encouraged to continue this path at all costs! In normal speak, great poem, hit me right in the gut as well as the mind!! You have the necessary “negative capability” to become an accomplished artist.


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