We drive fast by
an October cornfield
watching blonde rows
vibrate like the bristles
of a comb run across
with a finger.

Wavy skid marks
like black sine curves
plot near misses
and a swerve
on the berm.

Down the road
ruins of a homestead,
vague walkways
pattern the fields like
an ET language.

Only a chimney
left standing near steps
that leave off where
there was somewhere
to go.

Kenneth Alewine is an adjunct professor at San Jacinto College in Houston and a medical travel writer in the fields of melancholia, visual arts, music, poetry, and consciousness studies. He received his PhD in Medical Humanities from the University of Texas Medical Branch and has performed some of his electronic music set to original video microscopy at global venues that include the renowned IRCAM in Paris, France; the Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana, Slovenia; and Umeå University in Sweden. Kenneth’s poems received a “Top Honors” award in the 2019 Friendswood Public Library Ekphrastic Poetry Contest. His poems have appeared in Eunoia Review, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, UCity Review, Epigraph, Psychic Meatloaf, Apeiron Review, Vayavya and elsewhere.

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