persephone leaves behind a lover

my mouth is full
of cavities & your DNA
as i’m whisked away & they all wonder
how i felt the day you asked me
about my mother & i say
it’s hard to live with a ghost
who still walks the earth & i think
too much about the narcissus flower
and how it betrays me over & over
in my dreams but you are too far away
for me to think like that & i’m left behind
in the pits of the blue flames
because of one bite of the pomegranate
seed & winter has come the way
you used to & i rule in an unhappy
place of people who believe they don’t
belong here the way i believe i should
have stayed & it’ll be one whole leave change
before i rise & make the flowers bloom
but i worry my touch will be filled
with too much grief after washing in the ungodly
river for too long just for a moment
of peace & i’ll kill all the seeds
so i hope the spiders surrounding me
might suck me up into their web & cradle
the parts of me that remember a time before
that damned narcissus & its eternal beauty
because i don’t remember the sun, I only
remember the green of your eyes
& their pity.

Catalina Adragna is 23 and an MFA Poetry Candidate at Rutgers UniversityNewark. She has previous publications in The Ascentos Review, Delta Poetry Review, Eunoia Review, and Silo. She is a Gemini and a Pocha. Her Twitter:

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