Barcelona Rain

Rain-aromas carry
memories of better days:
thieves melt into darkness,
the destitute disappear
to practise illicit trades
down narrow Gothic alleys
but we linger endlessly
in desecrated neighbourhoods
with the shallow optimism
of shining architecture.

At dawn we scan horizons,
shake droplets from hair,
surrender our past,
dodge disco tourists
spilling across the square
glitzed up with gin and roses
as night shades into day –
we just watch it all,
relieved to have each other.

John Short’s poetry is mainly inspired by his years living and travelling in southern Europe and has appeared in magazines such as Eunoia Review, Barcelona INK, Yellow Mama, The Blue Nib, Runcible Spoon, Envoi and elsewhere. In 2018 he was a Pushcart Prize nominee. His pamphlet Unknown Territory will be published in 2020 by The Black Light Engine Room Press (UK).

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3 Responses to Barcelona Rain

  1. Wow, how lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful play of words.

  3. johnbouzouki says:

    Thanks guys for your kind words and that you enjoyed the poem. Sadly it’s about the encroachment of commercialism to divest the city of the character it had a quarter of a century ago.

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