A Place That Glows

At the end I will come to a place.
A place I know and do not know.
It rests in the heat of my memory
like a scarlet reptile.

Its sounds are under me like round hooves.
I am full of the colors that open there,
the random nature of the lights
that stripe the surfaces like butterflies.

I know its trees which move like the green air
over the river and I will feel something
level there, a swan-bright line
in the cool and slowly sliding space.

I will know it when it glows ahead
and is also somehow in my hand,
which I will lift in recognition
like a lantern weeping visions.

I will walk on its white dreaming, its finality.
I will follow it like light, when the light is gone:
its edges that stop as a story does, suddenly,
with a gleam left open in the seams.

Patricia Nelson is a former attorney who has worked with the “Activist” group of poets in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is a Neo-Modernist group. Her most recent book, Out of the Underworld, is just out from Poetic Matrix Press.

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