A Word, a Spark

The dead fish telephone pole
carrying the cable.
Empty eyes at the junction.

No bigger than a breadbox,
all of it,
Statistical Mechanics in a Nutshell.
Easily compassed within
an arm, a cubit, a foot,
a hand, an inch, a thumb.

It doesn’t take so much.

The Chambers Dictionary definition of éclair.
God watches the fall of each hair
from a man’s head until he’s bald
& laughs behind His hand.
Jesus laughed.

The starlings
lined up,
preened, fluffed, & flew.

It doesn’t take so much
It may not last
who cares, who cares

a cow’s eye, a fetal pig

if you give them to me one at a time I’ll
be able to tell you

a question mark on a street sign
a misplaced S

a flock of sheep’s brains
arrayed & curlicued

fly, my dear, the cat is coming

the sky pinks out to day.

Dawn Macdonald lives in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, where she was raised off the grid. She holds a degree in applied mathematics from the University of Western Ontario. Her poetry has appeared in The Antigonish Review, Canadian Literature, filling Station, Literary Review of Canada, and Rattle.

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