Rondanini Pietà – Michelangelo

the last days of his life
he worked on it

keeping in mind
the languor of the limbs to come,
the subtle cast of Mary’s grip, already set
already holding on to what would soon be gone

the bend of stone
a deft encomium
explaining how
a blueprint – gaps filled by a future eye –
is not in fact unfinished

S. C. Gordon is a writer and editor whose first poetry collection, Peckham Blue, was published in London by Penned in the Margins in 2006; her second collection, Harbouring, came out in November 2015 under Math Paper Press in Singapore. Her poetry, fiction, and non-fiction have also been published in anthologies such as United Verses (2014), Unsavory Elements (Earnshaw, 2013), Middle Kingdom Underground (HAL, 2011), Unshod Quills (2011), Junoesq Literary Journal (2015), and The May Anthology: Tenth Anniversary Edition (2003).

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