Gay Butterflies

To the muse that brings us together
& to every sweat your name couldn’t find
Place me under your country
A cup of coffee rolls down to my head
As everybody in the room shouted into my body.
My body is too occupied to love more than one person
I bet you, love is a beautiful thing a woman cannot resist
& to make love is not equal to giving your whole.
Sing a song to the birds behind the door
The birds say, your voice doesn’t have a copyright
How did you get into a city that didn’t smell like you?
Lick every sweat your name cannot spell
In my body. I swear, put a word into a fish’s mouth
You will hear the wind talk back
You will hear the world stumble at your feet
You will hear your voice called on repeat
You will hear the children singing dead song
You will hear your loved ones inside water
Playing their bodies into a fit for salvation
Everything ends by death, but still a room doesn’t
Have a voice, you know what?
Throw a ball into a room full of sand, did you hear a voice talk back?
Maybe we should learn to understand a room doesn’t empty itself.

Joseph Adeniran is a student of Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria. Poet|author|writer and a critic to humanity. His poem “Home in Bottles of Fear” was shortlisted among the Top 100 for the Nigerian Students Poetry Prize in 2018 and his poem “Door” was also shortlisted among the Top 100 for the Nigerian Students Poetry Prize in 2019. His poem “Songs of Dark Rooms” was also shortlisted for the Christopher Okigbo Poetry Prize in 2018. His works have been featured/are forthcoming in ACEworld Magazine, Kalahari Review, Parousia Magazine, African Writer Magazine, Barren Magazine, 8 Poems, and elsewhere. He believes in the power of words — healing. He hails from Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

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